18 Jan

Testimonial from Pat Sullivan

digital marketing customer testimonial - Pat Sullivan

Pat Sullivan, Principal, Sullivan and Associates

I have been working with Kennedy Digital Marketing for the past seven years. Tom Kennedy is so competent that were it not for him, I would have no business. With his encouragement I wrote my book, Attitude-The Cornerstone of Leadership, the foundation of my motivational speaking business. Tom had great insights into the production of the book and then initiated all my marketing. He designed and maintains my website, performs all of my SEO, helps with my blogging, and created my eMail Newsletter.

Attitude - The Cornerstone of Leadership book cover imageI have found Tom to be an active listener, very patient in in explaining the digital marketing world to me, and extremely easy to work with. I do realize I have only written in the superlative concerning Tom, but some people are deserving of this high praise. Tom is definitely one of these rare few. I know your company would make great strides in the marketplace if you choose to work with Kennedy Digital Marketing.